Informed, accurate, and fair evaluations. 


Be informed, accurate, and fair in your evaluation of employee contributions.

Decisions Based on Data

Fair evaluations based on data and performance, not managerial bias.

Remove Bias from Assessments

Provide managers with a three-part strategy to mitigate unconscious bias from employee evaluations.

More Fair Assessments

Increase the validity and effectiveness of performance evaluations.

Motivated Employees

Teams feel more motivated and productive when they know they’ll be assessed on their performance, and not limited by bias.

Get the full picture for performance evaluation.

Though we assume we’re making accurate, objective assessments in performance reviews — some of the most important conversations managers have with employees — science knows that bias is still baked into the brain.

Managers routinely defer to their memory, tradition, and other cognitive shortcuts to guide their evaluations. And many don’t even know it. Data from a recent NLI performance management summit found that 57% of companies weren’t taking steps to remove bias from their review processes.

DIFFERENTIATE helps managers in your organization to make informed, accurate, and fair evaluations of employee contributions. This program provides a cohesive strategy to mitigate unconscious bias in assessment, and communicate those decisions effectively and at scale.

“62% of a rater’s evaluation of an employee is a reflection of the rater, not the person being reviewed.”

Inside the Program

Activate Habits

Use science to create lasting behavior change at scale
Gather the Most Important Data
Start with the right information.
Check Your Thinking
Accurately evaluate information you have gathered.
Communicate to Motivate
Minimize threat to focus on development.

Leverage the Science

Apply simple tools based on deep research to embed each habit
Practice Tools
Precision tools that make the research extremely accessible and actionable.
Research Summaries
Complex research simplified into digestible pieces to embed ideas fast.
Conversation Guides
Real-time guides ensure robust, high-impact conversations.

Apply at Scale

A world class set of digital tools to bring DIFFERENTIATE to your organization at scale

Executive Briefings & Private Webinars

Participants will join their peers in a rich dialogue that explains the impact of extraordinary events on our brains and what they can do about it.

HIVE Virtual Learning for Groups

Participants take part in focused experiences that generate strong insights and provide practical tools.

Distributed Learning Solutions

On-demand digital learning when and where your employees want it with tools that will help them breaking bias in performance evaluations.