Understand, inspire and partner with employees to be their best.

Career conversations that inspire.

Why do the most important conversations happen so infrequently?

While 89% of employees say that regular career conversations boost their chances of seeking internal roles, only 16% say they have ongoing career conversations with their managers.

A major reason is that feedback conversations are extremely stressful. Managers risk sugarcoating their critiques out of politeness, while employees may selectively listen only for flaws. Both sides walk away feeling dissatisfied.

The science of social reward can transform how these career conversations take place, and it’s all captured in DEVELOP.

It turns out it’s all about asking the right questions in career conversations. By changing the focus to asking questions:

Minimize the Threat

The conversation becomes more comfortable for the manager and the employee.

Better Performance

Thinking is lifted and the focus is directed on the future and broader options.

Increase Motivation

Strengths and motivations are uncovered leading to a better employee-role fit.

Stronger Retention

Long-term growth is supported through manager-employee partnership.

Inside the Program

Activate Habits

Use science to create lasting behavior change at scale
Reflect to Understand
Promote self-awareness and openness.
Expand the Conversation
Bring focus to a higher level.
Partner Proactively
Identify next steps and continue to support.

Leverage the Science

Apply simple tools based on deep research to embed each habit
Practice Tools
Precision tools that make the research extremely accessible and actionable.
Research Summaries
Complex research simplified into digestible pieces to embed ideas fast.
Conversation Guides
Real-time guides ensure robust, high-impact conversations.
“Just 16% of employees say that they have ongoing conversations with their managers about their career.”

Apply at Scale

A world class set of digital tools to bring DEVELOP to your organization at scale

Executive Briefings & Private Webinars

Participants will join their peers in a rich dialogue that explains the impact of extraordinary events on our brains and what they can do about it.

HIVE Virtual Learning for Groups

Participants take part in focused experiences that generate strong insights and provide practical tools.

Distributed Learning Solutions

On-demand digital learning when and where your employees want it with tools that will help them DEVELOP.