Our Story

Going into the future, we’re continuing to adapt, evolve, and listen for where people need us next.

Build Impactful Strategies Through Consulting

We invest in learning to equip people to do something differently. Whether the training is to use a new software suite effectively, or to or have more productive feedback conversations with direct reports, the goal of training is to instill new, better behaviors. And the best way to instill new behaviors is to build new habits.

Habits are automated behaviors, and the brain likes them because they save time and energy. We can think of a habit as an over-practiced behavior that lets us run on auto-pilot.

Meet the team

Eeva-Maria Poutanen

Partner & Co-founder
Consultant, coach and facilitator. Exploring social systems and re-inventing leadership, collaboration and organizations. Passionate about diversity, equity & inclusion.
+358 40 709 2131 eeva-maria.poutanen@neuroleadership.fi

Arto Miekkavaara

Partner & Co-founder
Passionate about the human side of business. Leadership trainer, consultant and coach.
+358 40 544 1199 arto.miekkavaara@neuroleadership.fi

Månna Godenhjelm

Consultant and Coach. Finding purpose & sparkle in helping people and organizations thrive in inclusive cultures.
+358 40 767 6291 manna.godenhjelm@neuroleadership.fi

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