Ryan Curl


Ryan Curl, Ph.D. is a Researcher at the NeuroLeadership Institute. His work focuses on interpreting and translating scientific research into actionable insights for organizations. He uses his expertise in cognitive psychology, specifically in human memory and decision making, and advanced computational analysis to advise, inform, and support the creation of NLI’s scalable solutions.

Ryan is a longtime neuroscience junkie. He’s fascinated by the yet unexplored regions of understanding when it comes to our brains, and the complex relationship between our behavior and neural activity.

He pursued this interest at the University at Buffalo where he earned his M.S. in neuroscience. In his doctoral studies he used computational models, which help us understand and analyze the specific components of the decision making process, to explore how bias influences human decision making.

Ryan contributes to the NeuroLeadership Journal, NLI’s blog Your Brain at Work, and advises internal and external partners at NLI on behavior change solutions and initiatives.

Ryan completed his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at Syracuse University.