Meet Our Scientists & Advisors

Diverse perspectives lead to better decisions and more innovative solutions. That’s why, when tackling client problems, NLI will bring in our robust external scientist and advisor network, composed of pedigreed researchers and advisors.

Our advisors contribute to our business strategy.

Our scientists contribute to the NeuroLeadership Journal, our annual Summit, and moving forwarding this emerging field of research.

Our work also unites researchers from leading labs around the world with the purpose of advancing our understanding of the human brain to improve organizational performance, leadership, learning, and culture.


Kamila Sip, PhD

Senior Director of Neuroscience Research, NeuroLeadership Institute

Michaela Simpson, PhD

Researcher, NeuroLeadership Institute

Elizabeth Haines, PhD

Professor, William Paterson University

Lila Davachi, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Art Kleiner

Corporate Advisor

Ed Boswell, PhD

Corporate Advisor

Valerie Purdie Greenaway, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology Columbia University

Ryan Curl

Researcher, NeuroLeadership Institute

FD Wilder

Corporate Advisor

Jay Van Bavel, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology, New York University