How a Fortune 500 Tech Company Used Brain Science to Increase Inclusiveness

Review the results of NeuroLeadership Institute’s collaboration with a Fortune 500 tech company to use brain science to increase inclusion.


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In 2015, after identifying their people as their core competitive advantage, the client pledged millions of dollars to a diversity initiative. The decision was driven by data showing that although the client was successfully attracting diverse talent, it had trouble retaining them. Engagement surveys revealed that minority employees felt excluded, and women leaving the company cited struggles with the glass ceiling. To address the problem, the client committed to comprehensive representation of women and minorities and pledged to reduce its rate of attrition.

Committing to meaningful change through diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives, the client sought out an innovative thinking and consulting partner, ultimately selectingthe NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) based on the strength of their D&I practice and commitment to brain-based, outcome-driven methodologies.

Within 18 months of initiating its partnership with NLI, over 80,000 of the client’s employees were uplifted through engaging learning experiences, practical research, and impactful tools that drove meaningful, inclusive behavior change. This behavior change, in turn, has enabled a larger, company-wide cultural shift promising to help the client achieve its overarching D&I goals by 2020.