Workplace coaching: Five reasons why you don’t need to be a manager to benefit from learning brain-based coaching skills


If you think that you need to be a manager with direct reports to benefit from learning brain-based coaching skills, here are five motives why empowering yourself now will be a good investment.

1. More effective communication skills

Poor communication is a key component for why businesses fail, teams do not function well and relationships go wrong.  An important by-product of learning brain-based coaching skills is that you will be able to communicate much more effectively with anyone, and as a result will find that work and your personal life run even more smoothly. You will have the essential knowledge about the brain to equip you to collaborate better with others. Plus, you will know how to support people if you find them not immediately inclined to do so. Even if you never “coach” a person in the formal sense, I guarantee that you will use your new communication skills every day.

2. Deepen your own self-awareness

Socrates said that “the unexamined life is not worth living” and as you practice your coaching skills and be a coachee for others on the programme, you will reflect on how things are going in your life, use real examples of areas and habits that you want to improve – and hear from all the other participants as to how they want to enhance and develop themselves too. This will deepen your self-awareness, support you to take action and make positive changes. As a result, you will automatically learn a lot about yourself.

3. Enhance professional skills to help accelerate your career

It is a competitive work environment out there, so adding to your professional qualifications will give you an edge and could fast-track your career success.  Coaching is increasingly viewed as a leadership requisite (and measured in 360 feedback assessments) so if you do want to progress up the career ladder and manage others, learning brain-based coaching skills now will prepare you in advance.

4. Reveal new skills & enhance strengths

Perhaps, you never knew that you were great at having ideas?  Or are a good listener? Or have a presence in the room that others are drawn to?  Or can use humour to help in challenging situations? Participating on the brain-based coaching programme will both enhance and reveal a variety of these and many other (new) skills and strengths, which of course will increase your confidence and market value. This will support you to know what to do more of at work – and at home.

5. Widen your social & professional network

Humans naturally want to connect with each other and in today’s corporate and business world, having a good network of contacts is vital for career success. You will meet new people from many different organisations and career backgrounds on the training programme, who not only will become trusted friends; it is likely that they will help you with your aspirations too. You never know who knows who…


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