Morningstar Copes with Change, With the Brain in Mind


Given all that’s going on, leaders can be forgiven if they’re struggling to keep up. Changing processes, changing economic forecasts, changing roles and responsibilities, and changing employee needs can all contribute to a disorienting and overwhelming experience.

Now more than ever a smart, proactive approach is critical to keeping your workforce engaged and your business afloat.

Over the past few years, we at NLI have worked with companies doing amazing things to help their employees stay productive, healthy, and happy. It’s at this moment of change that their inspiring efforts have come to light in a major way.

In a recent Forbes article, Dr. David Rock, NLI’s CEO and Co-Founder, highlights one company that’s helping their people cope with the forces of change by understanding the brain: Morningstar.

David explains how, in recent months, Morningstar has taken steps to address its employees’ tangible needs, like new mouses and monitors, and their psychological needs, like issuing surveys and offering 1:1 HR support for those feeling the effects the hardest.

Their efforts are paying off in some pretty profound ways.

To read more about Morningstar’s impact, click here to check out David’s full article on Forbes.

Author: Cliff David

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