It’s a Hard Week. Here’s How to Adjust Your Focus.


If you’re struggling to make sense of the world right now, you’re not alone. Many of us are finding it harder to concentrate and prioritize. That’s why we decided to resurface some of our most helpful material on how to lean in during times of disruption, based on three research-backed habits: take care of yourself, look after each other, and deliver what matters. Here’s how to accomplish that, and more.

Take Care of Yourself

3 Ways to Stay Focused During Times of Crisis

5 Neuroscience-Backed Methods To Manage Stress At Work

Look After Each Other

Everyone is in Survival Mode. Here Are Three Things Leaders Can Do Now

Three Tools for Managers on Traumatic Anniversaries

How to Listen Deeply: A Guide for Organizations

Deliver What Matters

How to Stay Focused When the Finish Line Keeps Moving

Your Brain at Work Live: Leading Through Crisis with David Rock, HP’s Tracy Keough and Patagonia’s Dean Carter

Your Brain at Work Live: The Science of Empathy and Allyship and Why it Matters Now

Author: Alyssa Abkowitz

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