Five questions that we frequently get asked about Brain-Based Coaching Certificate training program


Choosing a training provider can be confusing amongst a myriad of options and programs, so reflecting our unique brain-friendly approach, we want to make it easy and clear for you.  Here are five questions that prospective participants ask us:

1. What is the format of the Brain-based Coaching Certificate?

Our training program is designed with the brain in mind and to be accessible in order to fit in with busy schedules.  It comprises a combination of live virtual training sessions which are 90 minutes duration, therefore you can connect wherever you are located in the world at the time. Importantly, there are also face-to-face training days: three consecutive days at the beginning, then two further days in the middle and end of the training. The in-person training days are located in a bright training venue space in the heart of Helsinki and include your breakfast, snacks, lunch and other refreshments too.  We ensure that your brain is best fueled for learning!

“The program is a fantastic combination of theory, practice and inspiration in the same package. Important know-how for leaders willing to create change.”
Tiina Mikander, Head of Third Party & Outsourcing Risk Management, Nordea

2. What is the training program like?

The syllabus is a fun combination of both the art and science of coaching and uniquely, the neuroscience too.  You will learn about how the brain works and how this will support you to be the most effective coach for your coachees (people who you are coaching, whether formally or informally).

You will start to practice your new coaching skills on the very first face-to-face training day of the program.  You coach the other participants in the group which means that you learn and grow together.  Trainers create a safe environment for mistakes to be made and insights to occur.  Plus, they demonstrate each part of our brain-based coaching methodology so that you learn by watching, listening and doing.

You receive comprehensive manuals containing the theory in depth and all the resources that you require, so reading helps to further hardwire your new learning – and make it sustainable.

“The program has a solid theoretical background in neurosciences. The inspiring trainers were able to get us to both learn and apply a large variety of coaching tools. Even if I already was trained and certified as coach the program really gave me added value to my practice!”
Antti-Juhani Wihuri, CEO, Senior Trainer, Mindfulness Teacher, Executive Coach, Mind at Work

3. How much time do I need to commit?

In addition to the time allocated for the actual training modules, we suggest between 2-3 hours between each session.  This is to practice each element with another participant. You are partnered with a different person in the group each time so that you have the opportunity to coach everyone and get to know them well, plus listen to the example coaching sessions and reading. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in, so we encourage you to do as much as your schedule allows.

Whilst the training program takes only months to complete, the modules are spaced out, so that you usually have two weeks or more between sessions.

“I’ve attended NeuroLeadership Group Finland’s six months brain-based coaching program, and that was one of the best training programs I’ve ever attended. I took the program several years ago and still use the stuff I learned pretty much every day.”
Sami Honkonen, CEO at Tomorrow Tech & Host of Boss Level Podcast

4. What is the size of the training group?

Again, reflecting our brain-based ethos, a group is typically between 8-16 participants in size.  This means that the level of trust and collaboration within the group is high and research has shown that this creates an optimum learning environment. This size determines that you will benefit from bespoke attention and feedback from your trainer which we think is vital in order to increase confidence and develop skills.

Due to the personal and professional development nature of the course, an added bonus is that you will develop long term friendships with your fellow participants.

5. Who are the typical participants?

Employees at all levels within organisations who want to improve their communication with their co-workers and/or lead, develop and manage their direct reports even better.

Freelance consultants desiring to add coaching to their portfolio.

Those who intend to, or have already left their corporate career and wish to start their own business working as a professional coach.

“This program delivered on its promises in excellent fashion. A striking difference to many other programs is that here change on a personal level is facilitated and even required. It has been a life changing experience for me and I would do it again without the slightest hesitation. I can truly recommend Brain-based Coaching Certificate to anyone who wants to become a professional coach, an authentic leader or just wanting to get more out of interaction with people!
Sami Venäläinen, Head of Restructuring & Business Transformation PMO, NSN”


Considering to join one of our brain-based coaching programs? Check out the dates or contact us, we are happy to get in touch with you!