Best of 2023: Navigating Change


Change can be daunting for employees, creating feelings of uncertainty, adding to burnout, and even causing resistance. But change is necessary. Organizations must adapt to thrive in the current business environment — one of fast-evolving tech, ever-changing employee wants and needs, a volatile economy, and other uncertainties. As such, it’s more important than ever for leaders to approach challenges in a thoughtful, empathetic manner that makes change manageable, sustainable, and beneficial for everyone involved.

Below, we’ve selected our best articles from 2023 on how navigating change with careful communication, a growth mindset, and compassion can create a more engaged, resilient workforce.


The Workplace Is a Minefield of Uncertainty. Here’s How to Navigate It.

Transparency can’t avert every crisis, but it can shed light on the path ahead.

Change Is Inevitable – But Change Fatigue Doesn’t Have To Be

Here are some strategies to reduce change fatigue and cultivate a more engaged, resilient workforce.

Leverage the Synergy of Growth Mindset and Autonomy to Build a Better Workplace

Build an environment where employees are engaged, productive, and motivated to excel.

Honorable mentions

A Leadership Crisis Is Looming — Here’s How to Prepare

With a leadership gap looming, organizations need to challenge assumptions about what makes a good leader.

Latest From the Lab: Why Learning Agility Is the Springboard for Future Proofing

Adapt to a new normal or embrace persistent agility? Here’s why a learning agile culture may be the way to equip organizations for continuous innovation and growth.

Author: NeuroLeadership Institute

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