Best of 2023: Hybrid Work


Hybrid work is here to stay, but organizations are still struggling to strike a balance between in-person and remote cultures. At one end of the seesaw, managers feel threatened that they can’t convene their teams in person. At the other end, employees value the freedom of remote work and consider mandatory return-to-office policies a threat.

Fortunately, organizations can ground themselves in neuroscience to respond to workplace motivations on the brain’s terms. Below, we’ve selected our best articles from 2023 on how organizations can design hybrid workplaces that are more compelling and less threatening.


Frustrated With Hybrid? Try the Patchwork Principle

Organizations are struggling to get people together at the same time and place without losing top talent. Here are a few “patches” that foster in-person interactions while retaining employee freedoms.

In a Remote World, What’s the Best Way to Mentor Young Workers?

In the age of remote work, engagement among younger workers has declined. Fortunately, organizations can create cultures that support staff in the early stages of their career.

Want People Back in the Office? Design With the Brain in Mind

Designing your workspace with the brain in mind can decrease threat levels and make returning to the office more rewarding.

Honorable mentions

Leadership Retreats Are Back in Fashion. Here’s How To Do Them Right.

Is your organization designing leadership retreats to maximize insight and unite around shared goals? Here are brain-friendly steps to jump-start your next in-person company gathering.

Why Working From Home Isn’t for Everyone

For employees who thrive on social connection, here are some workplace culture strategies that meet their needs, even in the absence of a company office.

Author: NeuroLeadership Institute

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