Best of 2023: AI and the Future of Work


As the future of work, AI dominated headlines in 2023. While many raised concerns about human job security, AI doesn’t need to be feared if approached with a growth mindset. Rather, human workers can find ways to work alongside AI, using it as a tool to take some tasks off their plate and spark insights and innovation.

To be sure, AI is still in its infancy, so it’s important to recognize what it can’t do yet, such as bias mitigation, and provide the necessary human oversight. Learn more about leveraging AI in your work by reading our best articles from 2023 below.


How Growth Mindset Can Help You Embrace an AI Future

You can let the fear of AI stymie your career growth, or you can seek out opportunities to use it to your advantage.

In an AI World, We Still Need Humans for Bias Mitigation

AI is as biased as the humans who created it. So, it’s up to us to detect and mitigate those biases.

3 Ways To Level Up Your Team’s Creativity With AI

Leverage AI to improve your creative thinking and drive innovation.

Honorable mentions

AI’s Social Skills Are Better Than You Think

Will AI ever possess social skills, and what does that mean for the future of work?

Is AI Coming for Your Leadership Role?

We need to start defining the role humans will play in the future of leadership before machines decide for us.

Author: NeuroLeadership Institute

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