Best of 2022: Workplace Well-Being


The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the importance of workplace well-being. Yet, here we are nearly three years later, and employees everywhere are still reeling from burnout. The issue has even reached the U.S. surgeon general’s office: In late 2022, Dr. Vivek Murthy issued a framework that puts the onus on organizations to better support the well-being of all workers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our best advice from 2022 on how you can help employees beat burnout.

Latest From the Lab: Walking the Workplace Well-Being Talk

Organizations that provide the space and encouragement for employees to move during the day can help reduce employees’ symptoms of burnout.

The Neuroscience of Napping

Who says a daytime snooze can’t happen? Naps not only increase alertness, but also enhance cognitive performance, memory, and learning.

The Case for Playing Wordle or Candy Crush at Work

Taking a puzzle break could be just what the brain needs to refresh and refocus.

Dissecting Downtime: The Impact of Gender on Rest

In this Your Brain at Work Live episode, we look  at how unconscious biases impact our ability to get the rest we need.

When Vacation Isn’t Enough

Research shows our bodies and minds need more frequent breaks beyond vacation time.

Author: NeuroLeadership Institute

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