Best of 2022: The Future of Leadership


The turbulence of the past two years has demanded a new type of leader: one who can face unprecedented challenges — such as managing employees who are sometimes in the office, sometimes working from home — while showing empathy to an overburdened, stressed-out workforce. No longer can managers focus only on big-picture goals. Instead, the future of leadership lies in building quality connections. In addition, leaders must grant workers the autonomy (whenever possible) to decide where and how they work most efficiently.

Yet putting people first doesn’t always come naturally to hard-driving leaders who are used to thinking mainly about the bottom line. Below, we’ve compiled our best advice from 2022 on how leaders can make employees feel valued and engaged while also working toward those big-picture goals: 

Why Putting People First Helps Leaders Achieve Their Goals

When leaders focus on people, employees feel valued and stay engaged.

The Next Generation of Leadership Solutions: Insights from 15 Years of Practice

In this webinar, NLI co-founder David Rock and Leadership Consultant Ric Oslin discuss strategies we can take today to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Three Habits for a More Empathetic Workplace

Quality connections are the secret sauce for a workplace culture in which employees show up every day ready to put in their best effort.

The Neuroscience of Human-Centric Leadership

In this webinar, NLI’s Global VP of Leadership Matt Summers joins NLI researchers Emma Sarro and Ryan Curl to discuss how we can all be more effective, empathetic leaders.

Status: It’s Not What You Think

As a leader, you occupy a position of privilege. To prove worthy of it, you need to use your status for the good of the people you’re leading. Here’s how.

Author: NeuroLeadership Institute

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