Begin From Here: Our Key Work As 2022 Approaches


2020 and 2021 have been some of the most remarkable years for work on record — certainly in the last century. As a wholly unique two years comes to a close, with COVID still not fully under control and workers consistently reconsidering their options, here’s some of the biggest areas we’re focusing on.

The Public Sector

This is an increasingly-relevant time for the public sector. Perceptions have changed — for better and worse — of government, but Biden administration executive orders have given agencies tremendous leeway to work on important projects around DEI, talent development, and more. What to know right now:

The Big Themes

We’ve been trying to organize a chaotic working time into some bigger themes that leaders need to understand in more depth. These themes are rooted in brain science research and habit activation. What do we know about how employees might react to new processes given everything that’s happened since February 2020? How can leaders re-contextualize some of these topics?

Hybrid Work

There are tens of thousands of hot takes and thought pieces on hybrid work out there now, typically discussing the relative merits/demerits and why it will work/fall flat. We remove the assumptions and focus on science and experience.

The Great Resignation

“The Great Resignation,” alternatively titled “The Great Reconsideration,” is a major theme of the moment, as employers struggle to get quality talent, and two-week notices are flying around multiple industries. This narrative is very much tied to some of the discussions above, but our seminal work on this theme would be:


These are aspects of our work to consider apart from the big themes above:

Author: Ted Bauer

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