A long-term dream of a brain-enthusiast finally came true with Brain-based Coaching Certificate training program


In the spring of 2019, I started Brain-based Coaching Certificate (BBCC) training program with high expectations. I had just set up my company for career coaching and I was full of enthusiasm. Little did I know when the year was changing, that I was taking a very important step. BBCC studies would revolutionize not only my idea of coaching, but all interaction with people! Now, halfway through the studies, I find myself contemplating what I learned every day. It has made me a better communicator, entrepreneur, and a human being.

* Commercial collaboration between Suvi Wulff and NeuroLeadership Institute Finland *

I have always been really interested in brain functioning and human behaviour. I never thought it was a coincidence that I became a humanist. Many times I wondered, however, why I finally didn’t apply to study psychology at a university, although it interested me greatly.

Maybe the time wasn’t yet right, because I found my real passion only in the spring of 2017, five years after my graduation. Then, I became acquainted with coaching through my career coaching process. Suddenly, in front of my very eyes, a world opened of which I had only dared to dream of during the years.

I realized coaching was to combine all my interests and to offer just the right tools for personal growth and bloom. I decided to pursue a career in career coaching. My plan quickly went into practice: in the spring of 2018 I set up a blog where I wrote, for example, about themes within work related burnout. During the summer and autumn 2018, I coached ten people as pro bono, and in the autumn of 2018 I was preparing to start my business. In November 2018, my new company’s website with its business ID saw the light of day.

I knew at a very early stage that I needed a solid methodological basis if I was going to make my business successful. Anyone can sell their know-how, but the real ones are distinguished by strong science base and proven knowledge. So where do you acquire that?

Does a training program with suitable price-quality ratio even exist?

In the autumn of 2018, I spent a lot of time exploring a suitable training program. I wanted to find a high quality training program that also offers the possibility of obtaining ICF (International Coach Federation) certification. I met several coaches in the field, browsed through Finnish and foreign course providers’ web sites, and went to sales meetings.

Gradually, I began to see that there are two types of supply in the market: short courses of a few days and larger entities, most of which I thought were overpriced. The price-quality ratio didn’t seem to match up.

I had heard about the Neuroleadership Group in several conversations. Many had praised the Brain-based Coaching Certificate studies, and I considered the course as a potential option. At this stage, however, I had another option: to study in a foreign university.

A conversation with a trusted person finally convinced me that NeuroLeadership Group Finland was precisely the training that I should invest in. ”This is the best education you can find in the Finnish language”. The words sealed my choice.

And I haven’t regretted it. On the contrary. Brain-based Coaching Certificate training program has exceeded my expectations. The same familiar enthusiasm for brain, neuroscience, positive psychology, interaction, and people’s behaviour has only grown in me.

I also consider it as an excellent thing that I have gotten to test what I have learned in practice with the people in my career coaching group. I would argue that you can get the most out of your studies, if you can practice the skills alongside with the studies.

The program is demanding, but that is precisely why it suits me. Intensive 6-month package provides me in a suitable time frame with what I need at the moment, so that I can continue to run my business credibly. I couldn’t be happier with my choice and therefore I give BBCC studies my full recommendations.

P.S. Vesa Vuorinen, who runs the Finnish course, has charmed his students with his peaceful presence and strong professional skills. There is no question Vesa cannot answer.


Author: Suvi Wulff


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