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Get started with your DE&I journey with impact: Case Accountor

Learn more about Accountor's experiences around their DE&I journey presented by Chief Competence and Sustainability Officer Mari Vuorre. To support their DE&I efforts, Accountor has successfully implemented two NLI methodologies, DECIDE and INCLUDE. Mari will share the Accountor journey - all the way from getting started to implementation and measuring impact.
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When Done Right, Diversity Training Does Lead to Successful Change

Janet M. Stovall, global head of DE&I at the NeuroLeadership Institute, makes the case for exactly how DE&I training can work to change behaviours in her Fast Company article.
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5 Things You May Not Know About Psychological Safety

Workplace psychological safety can mean a variety of things. Here’s a primer on how to better understand it.
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NeuroLeadership Institute's mission: make organizations more human through science. To do that, we deliver neuroscience-backed solutions designed to align your organization's priorities, habits, and systems. The result? Measurably improved performance, stronger cultures and better business outcomes.

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Imagine having a team of scientists and advisors obsessed with talent problems you haven’t yet been able to solve. At NLI, we listen to the market to hear what questions keep talent executives up at night, and we deploy our in-house PhDs and extended scientist network to find reliable, practical solutions. This is not research for research’s sake. Our team distills vast scientific literatures into simple, actionable strategies that help companies perform better. We do this in three ways: original experimental work, original industry research, and synthesizing thousands of academic studies. This mining for patterns of insight informs better talent practices.
“Our partnership with NLI has been full of insights.”
Liz Friedman
Director, Global Performance & Management