Kamila Sip, PhD

Senior Director of Neuroscience Research, NLI NeuroLeadership Institute

Dr. Kamila Sip is the Senior Director of Neuroscience Research and the Science Content Lead for the NLI’s Education Programs. At NLI, Kamila manages and oversees the implementation of science-based content into NLI’s solutions, ensuring rigorous scientific findings are translated in a digestible and actionable style while maintaining the integrity of the science behind them.

Kamila is a neuroscientist with expertise in decision making, risk-taking, unconscious bias, feedback, habit formation, and change management. She lends her expertise to various types of work, from supporting consulting engagements to leading webinars and delivering talks. Kamila has delivered interactive keynotes and briefings on the science of leading smarter teams, behavior change at scale, and better hiring practices for Fortune 500 companies across finance, consumer electronics, pharma, and technology.

During her academic training, Kamila developed a neurocognitive framework for investigating human deception and focused on examining the impact of social feedback on risk-based decision making in healthy individuals and those suffering from psychiatric disorders. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. She has been invited to write for Scientific American and contributes to magazines like Harvard Business Review and Quartz.

Kamila holds her Ph.D. in the Neuroscience of Human Deception from Aarhus University in Denmark in partnership with the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging in the UK.