Andrea Derler, PhD

Senior Director of Industry Research, NLI NeuroLeadership Institute

Andrea Derler, Ph.D. is NeuroLeadership Institute’s Senior Director of Industry Research. In her role, Andrea collaborates with scientists and consultants, HR and business leaders to produce science-based, practical insights about people in organizations. As a previous human capital analyst and organizational researcher, she has a thorough understanding of talent processes in organizations and studies topics ranging from talent and performance management practices, leadership strategy and development, organizational growth mindset, and diversity & inclusion.

Andrea’s work is shared in the form of white papers, case studies, NLI’s Your Brain at Work Blog posts, and external publications. She is widely publicized and her contributions have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, FastCompany, Wall Street Journal CMO, Deloitte Review, FORMAT, the Leadership & Organizational Development Journal and more.

Andrea holds a doctoral degree in Economics with a focus on Leadership & Organizations, and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Prior to her career in research and consulting, she worked as business manager for Barclays Bank, and as account manager for Kimberly-Clark (both in the UK).