Connector, Facilitator, Coach | Mindfulness Practitioner, Systems Thinker | Intrigued by Neuroplasticity, Porous Organizational Borders & the Force of Kindness.


Helen Blässar is an associate certified coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation and a certified Brain based coach, trainer, mentor and assessor who has trained over 500 coaches on our open enrollment and corporate coach trainings. She holds an Executive Master in NeuroLeadership and finds the language of neuroscience a brilliant vehicle to understand the complexity, richness and potential of human nature.

With a background in finance and IT, Helen has 18 years experience of working with large international corporations as a business consultant, IT project manager and leadership coach, and has lived in seven countries across three different continents.

She is passionate about increasing individual and group effectiveness by helping people get better at generative dialogue: Speaking openly about important matters, in a mutually receptive way that generates robust solutions.

As a trainer, she sees her role in being a connector: She enables training participants to connect with the brain based coaching methodology by supporting them in understanding and mastering the concepts and tools through personal, intuitive experience. She uses her passion for human connection to guide participants through the sometimes challenging process of learning new skills. And she readily connects the training contents to practical examples from her own coaching and leadership experience.