Sponsoring Boss Level Podcast

Sponsoring Boss Level Podcast


We are happy to sponsor Boss Level Podcast – a world-class series of interviews hosted by Sami Honkonen. This episode we are sponsoring is featuring Teemu Arina on biohacking.

Boss Level Podcast is full of really cool stuff. As Sami puts it: Interesting people doing awesome things. So check out the previous seasons as well!

Here are our favourites from previous seasons:

Jos de Blok founded Buurtzorg some 10 years ago, a now famous Dutch home care company. 80% market share, 14 000 employees and no managers. Tens of percents better with all metrics than other companies in the same industry.

General McChrystal revolutionized the way US Special Forces are organized to better tackle the demands of their operating environment. Stanley McChrystal´s Team of Teams is a must read!

A classic. Everyone ever involved with budgeting knows what a massive theater it is all about. Here is an alternative way to get the job done. Bjarte Bogsnes talks about Beyond Budjeting.