Welcome to meet our Brain-based Coaching Certificate trainers. Meetups take place either virtually or f2f, depending on the location of our trainers.

Make sure you choose just the right coach training program. There will be no sales representations, just informal discussion. Pick a suitable time and enroll to a meeting with our trainer.

Brain-based Coaching Certificate 39 (in Finnish)

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Vesa Vuorinen

Leading from the emerging future. Optimizer of Mind and Work, Father of 3 sons, PCC (ICF), Lead Trainer and ICF Mentor.
Vesa Vuorinen

Upcoming sessions

- 10.12.2020 14:30-15:30

- 15.12.2020 11:00-12:00

- 08.01.2021 11:00-12:00

- 12.01.2021 11:00-12:00

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