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Consultant. Coach. Mindfulness teacher. Entrepreneur. NeuroLeadership pioneer. Foodie. Passionate about exploring social systems and re-inventing work, leadership and organizations.
Passionate about the human side of business. Leadership trainer, consultant and coach.
Genuine believer in growth mindset, finding purpose & sparkle in coaching, mentoring and building mindset and skills in collaboration and leadership.


NeuroLeadership Group Finland
Iirislahdentie 23
02230 Espoo

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Invoices preferably as e-invoice:
E-invoicing address: 003718811733
E-invoicing operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy

If e-invoice is not possible, please email the invoice to this address:

If only a paper invoice is possible, please send it to:
NeuroLeadership Group Finland
PL 41679

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