Salt River Project: shifting culture with growth mindset

A 117-year-old company lays the foundation of growth mindset to build a culture of diversity and inclusion.

of particpants report sharing their mistakes or learnings with colleagues

For more than a century, the Salt River Project (SRP) has provided water and power to the Central Arizona region. SRP’s earliest innovations, in fact, helped make modern life in the fast-growing desert region possible, and helped Phoenix become the thriving metropolis it is today. Along with this storied history, however, came fixed notions of how the company and its 5,000-strong workforce –many of whom have spent their entire careers at SRP should operate. After setting ambitious 15-year corporate and sustainability goals that reflected community and industry trends, SRP had the opportunity to reexamine some of those deeply held beliefs, rethink practices around hiring and recruiting, and prepare its workforce for change. SRP determined that a shift in mindset was just what it needed to create a lasting shift in behavior.