Why Marvel Movies Should Inspire Your I&D Strategy


To create real change, organizations should strive to tell one coherent, meaningful story about the value of inclusion and diversity. But, more often than not, organizations roll out a series of loosely related I&D initiatives with different stakeholders, objectives, and measures of success.

While these individual initiatives can be well-intentioned and well-executed, what they lack is coherence—a kind of structural integrity between ideas, so that disparate elements fit together.

That’s why, as NLI’s VP of Consulting and Practices Khalil Smith explains in his new article in Forbes, organizations should take a cue from Hollywood and employ the “Marvel Model.”

In the article, Khalil draws an analogy between Pixar and Marvel—two blockbuster-producing movie studios—to explain the differences between organizations that roll out one-off, siloed initiatives and those that launch many coherent initiatives that together support a larger strategic mission.

Click here to read Khalil’s full article in Forbes.

Author: Cliff David

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