Use This 3-Step Culture Change Framework to Transform D&I


Last week, in an open letter, more than 200 CEOs from America’s largest companies made explicit demands that President Trump enact nationwide police reform by August.

These CEOs represent the Business Roundtable, an association of executives who have pledged to support socially minded business practices. Their recent letter follows a similar one they sent to Congress in mid-June.

These demands signal, in part, what the Business Roundtable has made a priority amid nationwide turmoil. They want change—specifically, reform. And their growing unease reflects a broader sentiment we’ve been hearing from clients left and right: Leaders want to transform how their organization approaches diversity and inclusion.

The trouble is, making D&I strictly a priority will never be enough.

“Too often, leaders over-anchor on getting buy in on big culture change initiatives and fail to develop the actual behaviors, and systems, to support that change,” write NLI Co-Founder and CEO Dr. David Rock and NLI VP of Consulting and Practices Khalil Smith in a recent Forbes article. “Sadly, good intentions never turn into implementation, and the status quo remains.”

What leaders really need to focus on is building habits, and then implementing systems to support those habits. NLI calls this framework PHS: Priorities, Habits, and Systems, and it’s currently helping leaders around the world transform how they kickstart—and sustain—culture change.

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Authors: Chris Weller

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