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The Neuroscience of Hybrid Leadership

Develop the essential mindset, processes and skills to lead highly effective teams in a hybrid world with FLEX—our newest brain-based culture and leadership solution.
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FREE Webinar | Job Burnout: What it is and Three Things Organizations Can do Differently to Prevent It, Thu Sep 16, 2021, 6pm (EET)

The concept of burnout is often misunderstood or overlooked to the detriment of both individuals and organisations. Effective systemic prevention strategies are often overshadowed by the generally misguided attempts to manage it at the moment. Join our webinar where we'll discuss what organizations can do differently to prevent job burnout at scale rather than manage its symptoms in individuals.

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Imagine having a team of scientists obsessed with talent problems you haven’t yet been able to solve. At NLI, we listen to the market to hear what questions keep talent executives up at night, and we deploy our in-house PhDs and extended scientist network to find reliable, practical solutions.
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